ATLAS Connect is a direct messaging feature in the Parent Portal.  This feature allows parents/guardians to send direct messages to the student’s teacher(s) and to receive direct messages from the student’s teacher(s).   

Parents/guardians have the choice to receive messages via email, text messages or the ATLAS Inbox found in their Parent Portal.  Messages will be  translated into the language selected in the Parent Portal by the parent/guardian.

Step 1:

Login to the ATLAS Parent Portal.  If parent/guardian has not created their Parent Portal account, they will need to do so first.

Step 2:

Click on the envelope next to the name on the top right of the screen to access the Inbox or, click the drop down next to the name and select Inbox.

Step 3:

Once in the Inbox, see the messages received on the left.  Select the message to view.

Step 4:

To send a new message, select New Conversation from the Inbox menu.

Step 5:

The enrolled student associated with the parent/guardian will show.  If more than one enrolled student is associated with the parent/guardian, a list of those students will be displayed.  After selecting the student, select the teacher’s name to send a message.  If the student has more than one teacher, all teachers will show in a list for you to select from.

Step 6:

Once the teacher is selected, the message window will open.

Step 7:

Complete the message and click the blue arrow to send.  Pictures and screen shots cannot be sent.

Things to Note:

Notifications:  Parent/guardian can choose how they are notified about messages received by clicking on their name at the top right of the screen and selecting Notifications. Under Direct Messages, select the method, email and/or text, to receive messages. To turn notifications ON, select the red oval and it will turn green as shown below. Select the green oval for SMS or Email to turn off that method of receiving messages (it will turn red).

Language:  Language and translation services can be changed by selecting the name on the top right side of the screen and selecting Settings. Language can be changed between English, Spanish and Hmong.  Select Save.