ATLAS Connect Description

ATLAS Connect is a communication tool that will help parents stay connected with teachers. Teachers can send classroom announcements and they will be delivered to parents and guardians in the language of their choice (English, Spanish, or Hmong).

Parents and guardians decide how they would like to receive Classroom Announcements from teachers. Announcements can be delivered through SMS, Email and the ATLAS Inbox.

Who can access Atlas Connect?

Atlas Connect is only automatically accessible to legal guardians such as Mothers, Fathers, Guardians, and Foster/Group Homes.

Other contact descriptors such as: Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Care Givers, Self, Siblings, or Other will not have automatic access to Atlas Connect unless written consent is given from a legal guardian. For more information please refer to Education Code 56028.

Parents decide on delivery method

The purpose of ATLAS Connect is to help teachers and families stay connected. We know that not everyone wants to receive messages in the same way. Learn how notification settings give Parents and Guardians control over the delivery method.

Automatically translated

Announcements sent from the teacher are automatically translated to the Parent or Guardian’s preferred language (English, Spanish, or Hmong). Learn how to change your preferred language.

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